About Me

For years I took my children into Sears or Penney's
to have their portraits taken.
I would always wind up frustrated with the lack of creativity,
the fact that they were always running 20 minutes late,
answering the phone while suppose to be focusing on us,
and being rushed in and out to make room for the next customer.

Finally I decided I would do my own portraits.
I started reading and studying photography.
I loved finding new and creative ways to display
their growing personalities,
and capture who they were becoming.
I would be handing out their photos and have
people ask where I had them done.
Ummmm.... I would reply, my front yard or porch.
Soon I had others asking for me to their portraits.
Thus was born Creatively Yours Photography.

I am a natural light photographer. 
I enjoy on location work the most, but also
have a small portable studio that I use in my home.  
My greatest joy in photography is capturing the
personality of the person I am photographing. 
I love finding new and creative ways
to express who people are.

I want you to be relaxed and enjoy your experience with me.

I am committed to get that shot that makes your heart melt, and have you stop in awe.